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50x Wedding Favors ($5.50 each)

50x  Wedding Favors ($5.50 each)
50x  Wedding Favors ($5.50 each)

50x small customisable soaps. Perfect for Wedding and Party Favors, Staff 'Thank You's', Baby Showers, Christenings, and Guest Soaps.

 We are proud to offer you your very own unique soap favours with your choice of packaging! (Beautiful, papers, washi tapes,ribbons, twine, or even celephane/ organza bags with ribbons)

 We can even custom make your own labels for the back of the soap! (or tag for the front) with your own message/ logo/ images!

Each soap is individually handmade from scratch, each paper label cut by hand, each washi tape cut by hand, each ribbon tied by hand and each label designed especially for you and cut by hand, each soap priced at $5.50per peice. No order to big or small.~


Our handmade soaps make for the PERFECT wedding favours as they are unique, handmade, earth friendly, totally functional!, & made from decadent, top quality NATURAL ingredients. They are interactive, and are a nice icebreaker for your guests. - They will enjoy picking them up, and smelling them all throughout the evening and choosing which special scent to take home with them. They are a lovely momento. & totally cute! !!


Possibly example messages...

A nifty little gift for you! From the team at "......."
Thank you for making our day special! ~ "Kwon & Rosie" 03/ 03/12~
Thank you for coming to "....." special christening day!


Feel free to contact us with your queries we would love to work with you in designing your very own unique Thank You Soaps. Any size- big or small.

***Please be aware custom soaps take up tp 10 weeks to be made- so make sure you allow enough time for the soap curing period for your own individual scented soaps. Otherwise small quantities of Soap Favors can be ready in approximately 3 weeks, out of our current scent range depending on what is available**

$5.50 per peice.